About Leadnow


Leadnow envisions a just, sustainable, and equitable Canada, built and defended through the democratic power of an engaged public.

  • Healthy Environment: We envision a Canada where the rights to clean water, land, and air are enjoyed by everyone. We envision a country 100% powered by renewable energy that respects ecological limits and helps ensure a safe climate for all generations.
  • Just Society: We envision a Canada that guarantees human rights and dignity for all. We envision a country that respects, protects, and fulfills the rights of Indigenous peoples and marginalized populations, and strives for just relationships between all people who live here.
  • Fair Economy: We envision a Canada with a strong economy that builds shared prosperity to serve everyone, not just a small elite. We envision a Canada that ensures equitable opportunity to live a safe and healthy life.
  • Open Democracy: We envision a Canada where freedom, fairness, and integrity are central to our democracy. We envision a Canada where transparent and responsive public institutions enable people to shape decisions that affect their lives.


Leadnow organizes campaigns that build and defend a just, sustainable, and equitable Canada.

Leadnow’s power comes from our community. We use digital tools and proven organizing techniques to help hundreds of thousands of people take action at the times and in the places that matter most. We take direction from our community and look for moments to match their values with an opportunity to make a difference. We’re always striving to find new ways to have an impact.

We are independent from party politics. We know that smart ideas are necessary, and we need organized people-power to win lasting change. That’s why we strive to reach new people and create deep campaign journeys to unite a broad community around a shared vision.

Leadnow is driven by the belief that democracy is both an ends and a means. We want a more open, accountable, and representative democracy because decisions should be driven by the people whose lives they affect. We also believe that an engaged public can overcome the influence of corporate power and partisan self-interest, enabling us to thrive in a more just, sustainable, and equitable society.

Our team

Leadnow currently has a small, dedicated staff team, and many amazing volunteers and advisors who support our work.

Lyndsay Poaps

Executive Director


Lyndsay Poaps is passionate about engaging people in community building and decision making. Before joining Leadnow, Lyndsay founded Frontrunner: a campaign school for young women. She brings a background in public policy to Leadnow and is a former City of Vancouver Park Board Commissioner (2002-2005). She is an Action Canada fellow, a former Urban Fellow with the City of Toronto, and the spokesperson for the City of Vancouver’s Engaged City Task Force. Lyndsay holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Simon Fraser University.


Francis Kungfrancis

Head of Technology

Francis brings over ten years of experience working with technology and non-profits, combining his training as a software engineer with an interest in online engagement and community-building.

In his role at Leadnow, he is responsible for finding (or building) the best tech tools to support the organization’s campaigns and community.  Francis is based in Toronto.

Danielle Cadhit


Operations Manager

Danielle is based in the Toronto area and has previously worked and consulted in different industries including: publishing, higher education, health promotions, medical education, and web development. In her role with Leadnow, she manages the day-to-day operations of the organization including: human resources, budgeting, finances, and organizational development. She is an avid world traveller and enjoys exploring different cultural experiences. After sailing on the Semester at Sea Summer 2011 voyage as a Diversity Abroad scholar, Danielle has deepened her understanding of diversity and our responsibilities as global citizens. She is interested in exploring the changing ways we leverage technology and digital media for collective collaboration across nations and borders.

Chloé Lawson

Community Support Coordinator

Chloe comes from a background in fundraising and advocacy, and has worked on campaigns for a number of causes including gender equality, animal welfare, climate justice, and human rights. She works in many areas of the organization providing administrative backing and fundraising support, while connecting with Leadnow community members and supporters on a day-to-day basis.

Divya Pal

Finance & Operations Administrator

Based in Toronto and with a background in Finance, Divya joins Leadnow as the Finance & Operations Administrator, contributing her logistical skills for ongoing campaigns. She is currently studying Business Technology Management at Ryerson University and is interested in the role social finance and technology plays in building local economies for communities to grow and prosper.


Katelynn Northam


Katelynn is currently responsible for leading strategy and digital tactics on Leadnow’s electoral reform campaign. Before Leadnow, she worked on numerous youth civic engagement projects in Nova Scotia and Manitoba. She has an MA in Political Science from Dalhousie University and is based in Toronto.

Brittany Smith


Brittany’s background is in human rights law, public policy, and social activism. She’s worked with NGOs, grassroots groups, and the United Nations on a variety of issues – from mining justice, to women’s rights, and monitoring state violence – in places like Canada, Bangladesh, and Palestine. She joined the Leadnow team during the 2015 federal election, led Leadnow’s ‘Reject TPP’ campaign in 2016, and now runs high-impact rapid-response campaigns to help hundreds of thousands of people come together for an open democracy, fair economy and just society.


Logan McIntosh


Campaigns Director

Logan joined Leadnow in the spring of 2012, organizing decentralized days of action on climate, democracy and a fair economy. She managed Leadnow’s national organizing program in the lead up to the 2015 federal election. Using a digitally-enabled, narrative-based, distributed organizing model, we engaged 5,626 volunteers who had over 51,617 live conversations! Logan loves working with the Leadnow community and is committed to exploring how we can use digital tools to scale the impact of our organizing program and bring new people into the political process


Jolan Bailey

National Organizer

As National Organizer, Jolan supports Leadnow members to organize offline in their communities and to start campaigns about the issues that they care about. Before joining Leadnow, Jolan helped galvanize opposition to pipelines and tankers in BC, through tried and true, boots-on-the-ground organizing. Jolan believes that the key to people-powered change is empowering regular people to step up to lead campaigns in their communities, and is excited to create pathways for Leadnow members to play a leadership role in our campaigns.


Rachel Tetrault

Western Canada Field Organizer

Rachel is the Field Organizer for Western Canada and is working with teams on the ground to on the ground to build capacity and make change on the important issues of our time.  Before joining Leadnow, Rachel worked as a Settlement Youth worker with the Vancouver School Board supporting newcomer immigrant and refugee youth in civic engagement and youth-led projects. Her experience in social justice work stems from her time in Quebec organizing with the Student Movement and the Palestinian Solidarity Movement where she became passionate about working with people to take collective action for the change we want to see.

Our Board

Eugene Kungleadnow-Eugene Kung

Eugene Kung is a Vancouver based lawyer practicing in the areas of human rights, environmental, regulatory, administrative and constitutional law. Born and raised in Burnaby, B.C., he holds a B.A. in Political Science from UBC and a J.D. from Dalhousie Law School. Eugene has served on boards and steering committees of several organizations working on democracy, poverty reduction, human rights and social and environmental justice. In his spare time Eugene is a mediocre musician, a so-so snowboarder and a horrible hockey player.

Marie-Marguerite SabonguiMarie Bio

Marie-Marguerite is a campaign strategist and environmental policy specialist. A Montreal native, she holds a BA from McGill and a Masters in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University. She began organizing in the Canadian youth climate movement. Most recently, she developed strategies and executed campaigns to mobilize the public in democratic rights, education, and human rights at Purpose, and was Chief of Staff of Here Now, a global climate movement accelerator. As a Jeanne Sauvé Fellow, she toured across Canada as one of the first Climate Reality Canada Leaders. Fun fact: she has a Lego action figure from a previous life playing a children’s TV superhero.

Patricia C. Barrera

Patty is a political jedi, a paddler, a data geek and holds graduate degrees in economics and political science.She’s a political & campaign strategist. She’s developed, coordinated and run municipal, national and international campaigns. She cut her teeth in the student movement (CFS), and by fighting globalization and free-trade on the streets and in negotiating rooms through Common Frontiers and the Hemispheric Social Alliance.Patty now works in Political Action & Membership Mobilization in Canada’s largest union in the private sector, Unifor.  In past lives, she was National Director of Special Projects, Political Action and Government Relations at the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) and a National Representative in Political Action and Campaigns with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC).


Sadia RafiquddinAC_Photo_SadiaRafiquddin_-Nov-15-e1448599365770

Born in Sargodha, Pakistan, Sadia Rafiquddin draws inspiration from her parents’ move to Canada as refugees in 1990.  She is a freelance writer, broadcaster and photographer focusing on human rights stories for clients including The Walrus, CBC, Ferst Digital Inc., Philanthropic Foundations Canada, Hacking Health and Apathy is Boring. Her radio documentary Engaged at 14: “I was worried about science class. And now I am getting married?” for CBC’s The Doc Project aired nationwide.

The Women’s Executive Network has recognized Sadia with the Top 100 Canada’s Most Powerful Women award. She holds an Honours B.A. in International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Toronto, Trinity College and a Master of Human Rights from the University of Sydney. She can be found on Instagram @sadiarafiquddin and Twitter @SadiaRafiquddin.



Champion Volunteers

Leadnow relies on skilled, dedicated volunteers to drive our work forward. It’s impossible to recognize every person who’s contributed, and we are thankful to each and every member of our community who’s stepped up. Our current long-term champion volunteers include:

Charlie Caldwell

Charlie answers queries from the Leadnow community, writes blog posts, and preaches about Leadnow semi-constantly. He believes strongly in the power of civic engagement and has a background working in a variety of student groups, as well as with organizations like Amnesty International. He cares about cities, human rights, and climate justice, as well as a bunch of way less serious things.


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