Our Plan

Our Plan for 2015

We shared our plan for 2015

In general, people think the plan is smart, well thought-out, realistic and exciting – there’s lots of energy around “doing something effective,” taking local action that is tied to a national strategy, and holding MPs accountable after the election.

People think the 2015 election is important and want to push for key reforms after the election. We heard concerns about some parts of the plan, including questions about cooperation and endorsements. We’re taking all of the detailed feedback we received and working to create an updated plan and answers to key questions.

Our Community’s Priorities

We heard inspiring ideas from Connect events across the country. In the coming months there will be another major opportunity to give feedback on the priority areas before we create the shared vision and community platform for the 2015 election. For now, we want to share the major trends from the Connect conversations and ask you if they reflect your conversation.



You told us you want to…
  1. Reform our broken electoral system …by moving beyond the first-past-the-post system to make sure all votes count, while reducing partisanship, limiting party discipline, and promoting cooperation.
  2. Open up government to citizen participation …through participatory budgeting, referendums, online consultations and town hall meetings, so that people can be involved in the decisions that impact them.
  3. Limit the power of big money in politics …with measures to limit corporate lobbying, reduce corporate influence, and reform campaign finance regulations.


You told us you want to…
  1. Create a fair tax system … by introducing progressive tax reforms and fairer corporate taxes, and bringing in new measures that help the middle class.
  2. Ensure a minimum income and living wage … and other comprehensive measures to reduce inequality, so that no one is trapped by poverty and rising debt, and everyone has the opportunity to live a safe, healthy life.
  3. Invest in people and communities … by supporting employment and local economies, providing robust and accessible public services, and only entering into transparent, fair trade agreements that protect the environment, human rights, and workers’ rights.


You told us you want to…
  1. Build a clean energy economy … by ending subsidies to dirty energy projects, and investing in renewable energy, efficiency, public transit, and sustainable agriculture.
  2. Take bold action to stop the climate crisis … by restoring international commitments and environmental regulation, respecting Indigenous rights and treaties, and using science-based policy to reduce climate pollution and price carbon.
  3. Protect water from dirty energy … by taking measures to phase out and stop the expansion of fracking, pipelines, tar sands, and tankers, and imposing strict measures to hold polluters accountable.

+ A new focus on Indigenous and migrant rights.