An accounting of the Leadnow community in the media.

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Gary Mason: The Globe and Mail – 11.26.11

Building a progressive voice with focus.

When Jamie Biggar and his colleagues in Canada’s youth climate movement returned from the disastrous Copenhagen conference on global warming in December, 2010, they did so with a deep sense of betrayal and abandonment. The adults charged with addressing the world’s climate crisis seemed incapable of setting aside personal agendas, domestic political considerations and petty international grievances for the sake of the planet. And it was increasingly apparent that 20-somethings like Mr. Biggar were going to be stuck with the unhappy consequences of their short-sighted inaction. read more…

Stop the cruel Crime Bill local actions – 11.24.11 / 11.25.11

Gloria Galloway: The Globe and Mail – 11.25.11

Getting out the youth vote, key to a healthy democracy

With flash mob videos urging youth to the polls and encouragement from the likes of comedian Rick Mercer, there was much optimism in the days leading up to this year’s federal election that young Canadians would turn up. read more…

Leadnow on CPAC: On the Bright Side – 03.29.11

Leadnow on CTV: PowerPlay – 03.29.11

Leadnow on Prime Time Politics – 03.03.11

Craig and Marc Kielberger, The Chronicle Herald – 04.03.11

Young voters will want more say in the process

The non-partisan site generates debate about national values. Users rank policy issues, then pledge support to the party leader who will adapt their platform accordingly. It’s Canada’s embryonic answer to, the U.S. site that helped nudge Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign to victory. read more…

Jamie Biggar: Will spring federal election bring democratic despair or regeneration? – 03.24.11

This election is an opportunity to start creating a new kind of politics. The kind of change we need goes farther and deeper then just substituting one leader for another, or one party for another. We need to enrich our democracy and create avenues for more meaningful participation. read more…

Wendy Camp, The Mark – 03.15.11

It’s about our Democracy, stupid

Two young Canadians are trying to accomplish the same thing. They have undertaken an initiative called, and are calling for meetings across the country to develop a consensus on what it is that Canadians want. The plan is to gather the ideas of all Canadians and take them to Parliament, saying to our politicians: “Here’s what we are looking for. Figure it out and get back to us.” read more…

Opinion, Lethbridge Herald – 03.15.11

A way to combat voter apathy

Taking a page from the success of, an American advocacy group which mobilized a following of five million progressive voters during the last U.S. election, a Canadian group called is hoping to promote the same kind of interest among voters on this side of the border. read more…

The Canadian Press, – 03.13.11

Youth Group Fights Apathy ahead of likely election

A group of young Canadians inspired by Barack Obama’s ability to energize apathetic American voters have launched an online effort to combat voter indifference in this country ahead of a possible spring election. read more…

Alice Klein, NOW Magazine – 03.05.11 or get out of the way is offering an innovative way to politically engage with the issues of the day. Step one in the process is a call to sign on to the website and input ideas to create a “declaration for change” that will form the backbone of their election campaigning. read more…

Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star – 03.05.11

Taking up the torch

Leadnow launched on Thursday (while our office, I apologize, was a little preoccupied) and is currently in the midst of whipping up what they hope will be a national conversation. They’ve received an eloquent and well-worth-reading endorsement from former privy council clerk Alex Himelfarb, whose latest blog post could well be described as the sequel to Travers’ 2009 column. read more…

Alex Himelfarb – Blog – 03.05.11

Taking back our Democracy: Welcome to is a new initiative in democratic association designed to address precisely these concerns, drawing on the surprising energy of a few committed young Canadians, open to people from every region and sector, and offering a chance to chart the Canada they want, and to act in concert to pursue that agenda. It is creating opportunities across all regions and sectors to debate the moral choices, assess the evidence, and then work together to create change, to get the ideas that matter on the political agenda. continues to see government as a force for good so long as an engaged citizenry pushes it to focus on the needs of Canadians and the future of Canada. read more…

Jamie Biggar on CTV News: Power Play – 03.03.11

New website hopes to engage alienated youth voters

“Our goal is to create a new way for Canadians to come together online to talk about their hopes and priorities for the country and create a really strong voice that’s going to be heard in Ottawa,” he said. Read more on

Op-Ed on – 03.03.11

“ Change to federal politics is going to come from outside Ottawa”

The need for change in Ottawa is urgent. Our federal government is dividing us, damaging our democracy, and failing to address the major challenges that face our country.

Whether we’re talking about the lack of action for our environment, the unequal economic recovery, or the erosion of democratic values, this government is either failing to take action on the issues that matter to a majority of Canadians, or it is acting against our values. And all of this is occurring as the need for profound change rises in the face of the interlocking crises that define this young century. Read more on

Media Release – 03.03.11

“Youth lead campaign to use social media to regenerate Canadian democracy prior to potential spring election”

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