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The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being sold as a ‘free trade deal’ between 12 countries that would help exports, but really, it’s a dangerous, costly, and outdated deal that will have far reaching impacts on our daily lives and the future of Canada.

The TPP will:

  • Give multinational corporations and super wealthy investors special powers to sue us in private tribunals if Canadian governments make decisions to put our health, economy and environment ahead of their expected profits
  • Increase the cost of medicine by over $600 million/year, and make it harder to expand or renew public health care
  • Open our borders to unlabelled US milk, from cows receiving growth hormones currently banned in Canada
  • Threaten the open Internet through stringent new copyright rules, and reduce your online privacy
  • Cost Canadians at least 58,000 jobs, and worsen income inequality
  • Strangle Canada’s ideas and innovation sector, and according to Jim Balsillie, former CEO of RIM technologies, place Canada in the “permanent underclass”  1 2 3 4 5, 6, 7 8,

Harper negotiated the TPP in secret during his last years in power and was dishonest with the public about what the deal actually meant, because he knew we would find it unacceptable.

While TPP has been signed, it’s not legally binding. We can still stop it, but we have to speak up now.

The new government has promised to make a special effort to listen to people across Canada about the TPP, and have opened up an email address where they want to hear from you about the TPP.

The government’s under intense pressure from corporate lobbyists who want to see this dangerous deal passed, so they need to hear from you asap. 

If we flood the government’s TPP inbox asking them to Reject the TPP, we can show just how widespread opposition is — and build the pressure needed to stop this dangerous deal.

Please send a quick message, and we’ll make sure it goes to the official consultation address.


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