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Thanks for your interest in Skills for Solidarity. As this is an ongoing program, it is important that you register so we can send you resources and keep you updated on when the next panel is happening. Please register here.

Below is a list of resources that may be useful or interesting to check out as we go through the program. They are organized into several themes, but there are of course overlaps between many of them as well. Many of the topics discussed in the articles and videos below will be discussed throughout the five program modules.

As the course progresses, we will continue to add resources so check back for updates!

Decolonization and Sovereignty

The following articles discuss and define decolonization from the perspective of both Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous peoples. They’re great resources if you are interested in what potential pathways forward might look like.



Renewing the Relationship

The resources below talk about what it means to be a settler ally, while also calling into question whether this in appropriate term to use. If you are interested in exploring some of the challenges and questions that might arise as a settler doing this work, check out these resources.



  • Unsettling the settler within
    Author: Paulette Regan
    A powerful and compassionate call to action, Unsettling the Settler Within inspires with its thoughtful and personal account of Regan’s own journey, and offers all Canadians — Indigenous and non-Indigenous policymakers, politicians, teachers, and students — a new way of approaching the critical task of healing the wounds left by the residential school system.
  • The Truth that Wampum Tells: My Debwewin on the Algonquin Land Claims Process
    Author: Lynn Gehl
    Based on Dr. Gehl’s life as an Algonquin Anishinaabe-kwe, and her doctoral work, this book offers something for everyone: an analysis of Algonquin contact history, a first ever insider analysis of the land claims process, an examination of Algonquin agency, and an analysis of the continuing colonial project. It does this through valuing traditional ways of knowing and being such as wampum diplomacy, as well as valuing the role of both the heart and mind as repositories, and creators, of knowledge.

Shared History

These videos and articles provide a variety of histories and perspectives on the shared history between Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous Peoples.


  • The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP)
    Volume 1 offers an excellent framework for understanding how the relationship between Indigenous and settler people has shifted over time from one of respect to a relationship of denial and oppression.
  • Sex Discrimination and the Indian Act and Indian Rights for Indian Babies: Canada’s “Unstated Paternity” Policy
    Many people do not know that since 1985 the Indian Act discriminates against children whose father’s signature is not on their birth certificates. This is particularly an issue when we consider that Indigenous women have been victims of sexual abuse such as incest, rape, and sexual slavery.
  • Video

    Compilation of Resources

    • Indigenous Issues 101
      Chelsea Vowel has put together an incredible compilation of resources on everything from identity and culture, aboriginal laws and treaties, historic and continuing injustice, myths, Indigenous health and safety and organizations.
    • Transforming Relations: A Collaborative Collection
      A collection of past, present, and ongoing initiatives from across the territory now known as Canada, which contribute to the process of understanding and transforming settler consciousness, and rebuilding relationships between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples who share this land.
    • Settler Ally Resources
      A compilation of resources readings and resources on settler allyship.

    Other people and organizations to check out

    Here is an incomplete list of other people and organizations that are doing work around renewing the relationship. If you know of others we should add to the list, please email us at

    • Idle No More
      Idle No More began in the winter of 2012 and has quickly become one of the largest Indigenous mass movements in Canadian history, sparking hundreds of teach-ins, rallies, and protests across Turtle Island and beyond. Their website provides info on how to learn more and take action.
    • Streams of Justice
      Streams of Justice is a social justice group rooted in the radical prophetic traditions of the Judeo-Christian faith. Based on the unceded Coast Salish territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil Waututh peoples, Streams of Justice is a group of settlers committed to supporting the Indigenous struggle for sovereignty and self-determination.
    • The Nest
      The Nest is a place where young people who are interested in leading change in Algoma, ON can come to connect to the training, support, resources and peer mentorship needed to create their own community-based projects and startups. Thinking Rock will assist in these efforts by leveraging our connections to local, provincial, national and international youth organizing networks to support the emergence of this work in the rural and First Nation communities of Algoma.
    • Defenders of the Land
      Defenders of the Land, a network of Indigenous communities and activists in land struggle across Canada, including Elders and youth, women and men, was founded at a historic meeting in Winnipeg from November 12-14, 2008. Defenders is dedicated to building a fundamental movement for Indigenous rights. They will be holding a second gathering this year, where they will decide on collective action and a strategy to build the movement through education and organizing.


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