Minister Freeland: Close tax loopholes

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A bombshell new report — the “Pandora Papers” — revealed that at least 500 wealthy Canadians have been hiding money and dodging taxes in offshore tax-havens.1

This report, the largest leak of offshore data in history, pulled back the curtain on the different rule book for the rich and powerful – full of covert deals allowing hidden fortunes to be hoarded and untaxed.2

Right now, millions of people are paying attention to news coverage of the Pandora Papers. We have a chance to turn public outrage into lasting changes to close tax loopholes and make sure the super rich pay their fair share, if we all come together to speak out. Sign the petition calling on Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to stop rich tax cheats by closing tax loopholes now.

Dear Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland:

Canadians are calling on you to address wealth inequality by closing tax loopholes and making sure the super rich pay their fair share.

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