Tech Contractor - Job Posting

Temporary contract - 4.5 months part-time (mid-March to end of August)

About Leadnow

Leadnow organizes campaigns that build and defend a just, sustainable, and equitable Canada. We are people-powered, data-driven and independent from political parties.

Since our founding in 2011, Leadnow has been at the leading edge of figuring out how to leverage technology to organize and empower thousands of everyday people across Canada to make a difference in the big fights of our time — combating economic and social inequality, pushing for action on the climate crisis, and working to fix our broken democracy.

About the Tech Contractor role

We are a small team of about 10 staff, with a tech manager and a single developer maintaining most of our tech stack. Our developer is going on leave to welcome a new baby into the family, and we’re looking for a contractor to provide basic maintenance and support to keep our tech systems running during this time. 

That’s where you come in. We don't need you to take over the full job of the software developer; we just need you to keep the lights on, to make little tweaks when necessary, and to move forward a few particular priorities for development and devops. You won't be alone; we’re connected to a whole network of supportive developers out there who use the same or similar tools, and we can always call on them for advice and support. And in extreme cases we can always call up our lead developer on leave -- but success in this role means doing that as few times as possible, while keeping our day to day campaigning operations running smoothly.

Examples of things you’d be doing
  • Configure Apache Web Server to use SSL/TLS
  • Troubleshooting a broken sync between our online action platform and our member database
  • Querying our member database to find members meeting specific criteria (i.e. new members who have joined recently, but have not yet donated, and have not been contacted on the phone).
  • Troubleshoot why the website went down -- and get it back up quickly.
  • Implementing small features in a Ruby on Rails app
This contract has a budget of up to $19,000 for 4.5 months of part time support. The actual hours required to complete the work will vary with experience, but we estimate between 7-15 hours per week.  For example:
  • A senior developer working 7 hours a week at $135/hr
  • A mid-level developer working 15 hours a week at $70/hr
There is a possibility of additional contract work, following the initial 4.5-month term.

Job requirements

  • Experience in systems administration and server maintenance (AWS)
  • Experience with software development
  • Experience with Ruby, Rails, postgres, Git, HTML, CSS and Javascript required. Familiarity with Python/Django would be a bonus.
  • Analytical thinker with top-notch troubleshooting skills -- able to quickly diagnose and solve problems across the entire development stack.

  • Able to respond quickly if there’s a tech emergency. Quick response times (within a few hours, in case of a true emergency) between 10AM and 6PM ET are especially crucial
  • Reliable and accountable

Our tech stack

  • Identity: Member database and email blast platform (Rails/Postgres on Heroku)
  • DoPaisa: Donations processing platform (Rails/Postgres on Heroku)
  • Act: Custom online action platform and CMS (Django/MySQL on AWS)
  • Kooragang: Phone banking software (Node/Postgres on Heroku)
  • Control Shift / DIY petition page where our members can run their own campaigns and organize events. (SAAS)
  • NationBuilder: Organizing platform that includes a website/CMS, mailer, CRM functions. (SAAS)
  • AWS: we use Amazon Web Services extensively for our infrastructure, mostly EC2, S3, RDS, and SES.
  • Heroku: Some of our apps run on Heroku.
Note: while the Tech Contractor will need some familiarity with our entire stack, the top priorities will be maintaining Identity and DoPaisa, and our AWS servers.

To Apply:

Please complete this short online application by Feb 25th. Note: you will be asked to upload a PDF of your CV.

Hiring Timeline

Deadline for applications Feb. 25
Interviews Feb. 27 - Mar. 1
Ideal start date Mar. 15

Note: Candidates selected for interview will be sent a small code sample to review in advance of the interview, which will be discussed during the interview.