Save BC’s bears from being shot and killed by conservation officers

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Bears are vital to our ecosystem. But the BC Conservation Officer Service (COS) has shot and killed over 300 bears since April for getting too close to cities [1] -- instead of fulfilling their duty to conserve and protect animals.

Experts and conservationists are urging the COS to stop the senseless killings -- and use specially-trained Karelian bear dogs to repel bears from peopled-areas instead. [2][3]

But the COS isn’t budging. So here’s where you come in. As a public service, the COS is vulnerable to public pressure. If thousands of us sign a petition telling the COS to use bear dogs instead of bullets to repel bears, it could force them to change their practices and stop killing bears as a first response. Add your name now.

B.C. Conservation Officer Service:

With the right education, and humane tools to deter bears from our neighbourhoods, humans and bears can coexist. We call on you to use Karelian bear dogs to repel bears, rather than shooting and killing these animals, which should be a last resort.

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