Chip in to for a rapid response ad campaign calling out the government’s mediocre climate plan

The government’s own environment watchdog has just thrown a big bucket of cold water over the Trudeau Liberals’ climate plans. [1]

It’s a bad look for a government that claims they’re serious about tackling the climate crisis. The watchdog’s scathing new report says the government’s inadequate plans will likely fall short of meeting our national climate targets — it lets polluters off the hook, and they’re failing to deliver on a smart, just transition away from fossil fuels for workers. [2]

We know the government will want to squash this news quickly. After all, they’ve gotten away with such watered-down climate plans in the first place because they’ve been able to sell their plans as sufficient to the public, even if in reality they are nowhere near enough.

The report is in the news now, and we need to make sure Canadians everywhere know about it. If we’re able to spread its hard-hitting findings, we could make sure the public clues in to how insufficient the government’s climate plans actually are, and mobilize them to pressure the government to take real climate action: a just transition to a sustainable and fairer economy that takes care of all of us.

If we raise $10,214, we can launch a rapid response campaign to blast ads all over social media and the CBC, while the report is still in the news — so people coast to coast get the message of how off the mark our government’s plans really are.

To pull it off, we’ll need your help. Will you chip in to help deliver on our emergency ad campaign to call out the government for their mediocre climate plan?  

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