What we heard from you: results from our Community Survey

Recently the Leadnow team asked you, our members, to let us know where you'd like us to go in 2020. We're excited to share the results with you.

First off — we were blown away by how many of you think fighting the climate crisis should be our top priority this year.

When we asked which specific campaigns you’d like the Leadnow community to take on, we saw climate-related campaigns climb right to the top again.

Fighting for a Green New Deal is the Leadnow community’s top-ranked campaign, with working to stop toxic tar sands projects like the Teck mine coming in a close second.

We’ve heard you, and we’ve already gotten started laying the groundwork to launch a major Green New Deal campaign later this year, and soon we’ll send you a Green New Deal survey to get your input on the strategy.

But, we also heard that climate isn’t the only issue you care about. While climate is a clear priority, 76% of you agreed that we should also put resources into other campaigns. That’s why we’ll continue with a multi-issue approach, and build up our rapid-response campaign program to be ready to launch a hard-hitting campaign whenever there’s a chance to make an impact on an issue you care about.

In particular, we saw strong support for campaigns to make the super-rich pay their fair share of taxes, and to support Indigenous rights. We’ll watch for more opportunities for the Leadnow community to have impact on these issues — and we’ll also look for dynamic ways to include Indigenous rights and progressive tax reform into our Green New Deal campaign.

Finally, we was so thrilled to see huge support for our people-powered funding model. At Leadnow there are no big cheques from CEOs and no handouts from political parties. There are no super-rich donors calling the shots behind the scenes — we take our direction from you, our members.

But it only works if enough people chip in, so we’d like to take a moment to thank the 432 people who made a donation to support our work — and especially the 188 who signed up to contribute monthly. We quite literally can’t do this without you.

And a massive thanks to all 10,734 of you who took the time to share your thoughts as part of our Community Survey. Thanks to all of you, we’ve got a clear direction for the year ahead, and we know that together we’ll have a huge impact.

Thanks for all you do,

- The Leadnow Team