Over the next decade, millions of baby boomers are going to retire and face a steep decline in their quality of life, unless we act now.

Employers have been slashing pension benefits for decades, leaving Canadians young and old to face an uncertain future with little security. It’s time to start fixing our pension system for the 21st century.

Our Premiers know that they need to do something about this growing crisis, and momentum is building around a common-sense plan from Prince Edward Island that would boost Canada Pension Plan benefits and help millions more Canadians save for a secure future. 1 2

Many of Canada’s provinces are pushing for changes to the CPP, but the federal government and a few provinces may block a new deal. If we pile on the pressure right now, we can send a clear message to the Premiers, finance ministers, and the federal government that Canadians want action now to strengthen the CPP, before it’s too late.

Momentum is building for a major fix to our pensions system. Let’s tell our political leaders that we want to strengthen the Canadian Pension Plan for the 21st century!


The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is a reliable, efficient and secure national savings plan. There’s just one problem: the CPP was created in the 1960s to supplement workplace pensions, and while employers have been cutting pensions for decades, CPP hasn’t kept up.

Today, just one in four private sectors workers have access to a good pension, but the CPP only pays an average of $600 a month. 3 Expanding the CPP will help more people save for a secure future, and reduce the pressure on taxpayer funded assistance programs. 4

The number of seniors living in poverty is on the rise, and millions of Canadians are facing sharp declines in income, purchasing power and quality of life at retirement. 5 This has profound impacts on families and communities, and puts a massive strain on our provinces’ social services.

Almost everyone agrees that the system needs to change. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty promised to work on a “modest expansion” of CPP benefits, but now he’s backtracking. 6 Earlier this year, despite unanimous support from the NDP, Liberals and Greens, the Conservative majority defeated an NDP motion to expand the CPP. 7 8

The Globe & Mail editorial board, forward-thinking premiers, and civil society groups agree that investing in an efficient, indexed and livable CPP is the best way to ensure a good quality of life for our seniors and a stable economic future for our country. 9

Instead of addressing the looming crisis, the federal government is pushing private-sector savings programs that would enrich big financial corporations through lucrative transaction fees – fees that can eat away seniors’ retirement savings. 10

The financial crash in 2008 showed many just how risky and vulnerable our private savings can be. The CPP, in contrast, is safe, secure, and has management fees that are a fraction of private RRSP and mutual fund plans. 11

Our provinces have the power to make a big difference. Send your message to the Premiers and Finance Ministers now to strengthen the Canada Pension Plan.


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