Let's drown out the pharma lobby with a splashy ad campaign

We’re so close to winning universal pharmacare -- a system where millions of people will finally have access to medicine when they need it -- without having to check their wallets first.

But the pharma lobby is one of the most aggressive in Canada. They’re trying to crush the idea of a universal system so they can keep gouging everyday people and maximizing their profits with skyrocketing drug costs.[2] 

It's all up to the Health Minister to decide who the Liberals will listen to.  

Unlike billionaire pharmaceutical companies, Leadnow doesn’t have special access to decision-makers or unlimited budgets to make our voices heard. But we do have thousands of members like you who chip in at strategic moments to make our voices impossible to ignore.

Will you chip in now for a splashy ad campaign in the Health Minister's riding? If enough of us chip in our peoplepowered messages can drown out the corporate lobby and convince the Minister to do the right thing and adopt univerrsal pharmacare.  

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