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Ford’s using your tax dollars to fund his propaganda machine.

He’s funneling millions of public funds into extremely misleading carbon tax ads -- to manipulate voters and advance his far-right political agenda. [1]

And the worst part? It’s completely legal. Money which should go towards our crumbling schools and hospitals can instead be used to spread misinformation and undermine our democracy.

But we have a chance to change this.

There’s a bill making its way through Ontario’s legislature, which would block Ford -- and any other politician -- from airing these kinds of deceptive political ads.[2]

Conservatives are on record supporting this bill -- but because of pressure from Ford who wants to keep spreading his misinformation, the bill is stuck in committee and risks never going to a vote. [3] [4]

Thousands of emails from everyday people could give the committee members the support they need to jump-start the process so we can finally pass this legislation into law.

Will you email the committee members right now so we can get back on track to banning taxpayer-funded propaganda?


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