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After only a month of monitoring shipping lanes, Transport Minister Marc Garneau just relaxed common sense speed limits in the Gulf of St Lawrence --- one of the last remaining habitats for the endangered North Atlantic right whale. [1]

Now these critically endangered species are at risk of being wiped out in head-on collisions with ships.

Eight right whales have been killed in the Gulf since June [2] -- if we don’t act fast, many more could be at risk.

Right now, experts are criticizing the Minister’s short-sightedness. A huge surge of people power while he’s feeling the heat could be enough to convince him to bring back speed limits. Will you enter your details to show your support? 

Minister of Transport Marc Garneau:

Only 400 right whales are left in the world -- and eight have been killed in the Gulf of St Lawrence since June. The recent decision to relax speed restrictions in the Gulf will put more endangered whales at risk. We call on you to act quickly to prevent any further fatalities, by:

- Expanding speed restriction zones to the whole Gulf of St Lawrence
- Ensuring strict enforcement of speed limits, including maximum fines for those that circumvent speed restrictions
- Supporting further research and data collection

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It's not too late to protect endangered right whales -- but thousands of us need to speak out.

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