Minister Wilkinson: Intervene to Save the Caribou

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Effectively extinct. That’s what scientists are saying about the rapidly declining caribou in Canada — and we don’t have much time to turn it around. 1
This iconic Canadian animal once covered almost 80% of our country — but now, many herds have dwindled down to 10% of their original size. 

Canada already has a strategy to recover caribou populations — but the strategy isn’t mandatory, allowing provinces to drag their heels on necessary action.2
Conservation groups and Indigenous nations are fed up and are calling on the federal government to step in with an emergency order.3 And last May, Minister of Environment Jonathan Wilkinson said there’s a ‘high’ level of urgency and importance in taking federal action — but hasn’t done anything yet.4

With caribou disappearing at alarming rates, we don’t have time to wait. Will you add your name to the petition calling on Minister Wilkinson to take urgent federal action? 

Environment Minister, Jonathan Wilkinson:

Provinces aren't doing nearly enough. Implement an emergency order to save the critically endangered caribou from extinction before it’s too late.

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