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Indigenous Nations fighting the Trans Mountain pipeline in court scored a bombshell legal victory overturning Trudeau’s rubberstamp approval -- sending construction grinding to a halt, and restarting the review process.1

If you can believe it, Trudeau still wants to buy this failed pipeline. That’s right -- he’s actually on the verge of giving $4.5 billion of your tax dollars to a billionaire Texas corporation for a leaky 1950s pipeline and a doomed expansion project.2

The buyout hasn’t actually been finalized yet, but today the Finance Minister said they’re trying to close the deal as early as tomorrow.3

If we want to stop the buyout we have less than 24 hours to unleash a massive public outcry to knock some sense into Trudeau and convince him to pull out of this disastrous deal before it’s too late.

Will you sign the petition calling on Trudeau to pull out of the buyout before it’s too late?

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Don't use my tax dollars to bail out the Kinder Morgan project. Instead, invest in green energy projects that respect Indigenous rights.

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