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After 5 long years of secret negotiations, the public is finally being asked to weigh in on the TPP, and major in-person consultations are coming to your city!

The TPP is a dangerous trade and investment deal that will have lasting impacts on our democracy, economy, health, and environment. To stop it we need to take advantage of every opportunity to raise our concerns with it.

The Parliamentary Trade Committee will be visiting select cities to get public feedback on the TPP. They’ll be reporting to Parliament about they heard and making a recommendation to government on whether or not they should pass the TPP. This is a major opportunity to have our voices heard, and our best chance yet to stop the TPP.

Upcoming consultations will be held in

  • Vancouver (April 18)
  • Calgary (April 19)
  • Saskatoon (April 20)
  • Winnipeg (April 21)

If hundreds of us sign up to speak out against the TPP at the hearings, we can show the government how strong public opposition truly is. This will make it impossible for them to approve the deal if they’re going to keep their promise to listen to the public on it.

We can’t miss this opportunity. Register to appear before the Committee today. If you’ve never done something like this before, that’s no problem! After you register, we’ll send you a support kit with details on how the process will unfold, and information on how we’ll help you prepare.


House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade to Hold Hearings in Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatoon and Winnipeg.

Our campaigns are only as effective as our ability to organize.

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