Tell Kenney and Shandro: No healthcare cuts during a pandemic

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In the midst of Alberta’s second wave of COVID-19, Premier Jason Kenney and Health Minister Tyler Shandro cut $600 million and over 11,000 jobs from Alberta’s public healthcare.1

It’s a devastating blow to Alberta’s crumbling healthcare system.

Kenney and Shandro are trying to cover their tracks by saying these cuts are only to service personnel and hoping this will blow over without much public outrage.2

But in reality, these cuts are going to impact Albertans directly — and hit the vulnerable the hardest.3

We have to blow their cover. If thousands of us sign this petition we could expose Kenney and Shandro’s harsh cuts and reveal the true costs to everyday Albertans — and have a real shot at holding Kenney and Shandro to account. Will you add your name?

Premier Jason Kenney and Health Minister Tyler Shandro,

Reverse your cuts to Alberta’s healthcare and support Albertans who need it — especially during a pandemic.

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