Organize for a strong democracy, a fair economy and a safe climate

Leadnow is a people-powered community that brings together people from across canada to build a strong democracy, create a fair economy and ensure a safe climate for all generations. Organizing and campaigning together, we have stood in the way of pipelines, fought dangerous spying legislation and even mobilized thousands of voters in dozens of ridings to help defeat the Harper Conservatives through the Vote Together campaign.

But none of this is possible without people like you taking leadership and organizing in communities across the country. Now that we have defeated the Harper Conservatives, we’ll be pushing the new government to reform our electoral system, stop the TPP, support strong climate action and more!

We are currently building our new organizing website, but if you would like to start organizing now, please shoot us an email at

Launch Your Own Campaign

Is there an issue in your community that you’re concerned about? Our distributed petition site, helps us take our collective action to a new level by putting the power to run a campaign in your hands.

Anyone in the Leadnow community can start a campaign. We have a few common sense guidelines of course (campaigns can’t be offensive, discriminatory, inaccurate or illegal) but otherwise you can start a petition on anything you want - big or small, local or national - you can take action on it now. You’ll have access to tips and tools along the way to increase exposure for your petition and help your campaign grow.

Get started now!

Our campaigns are only as effective as our ability to organize.

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