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UPDATE: our people-power is working! We've been making so many calls that we've shut down Ministers' phone lines —and added in more numbers. You might get connected to a Minister, the PC caucus chair, or any of their staffers. Let's keep calling!

This Thursday, MPPs will be voting for the last time on Doug Ford’s “Total Power Bill” (Bill C 31) to override our Charter rights.

But passage is far from certain. Thursday’s vote is a free vote - meaning Conservatives can vote their conscience. We’ve done the math. We just need 14 Conservatives to vote no, abstain, or simply not show up. 

If you don’t live in a Conservative riding, your voice still has power. The most strategic thing you can do right now is pick up the phone and call key Ministers in Ford’s cabinet who, with enough pressure could be convinced to vote NO.

We’ve made it easy for thousands of us to come together and call, but the clock is ticking, and to make it work we need everyone making calls at this critical moment.

You can use these talking points to help drive your message home. Leave a voicemail or ask the staffer to pass on your message!

- I’m calling to voice my strong opposition to Bill 31 that lets Ford override the courts and our Constitution to put himself above the law.
- This is an alarming abuse of power. Suspending Charter rights to interfere in an election is what dictatorships do, not democracies.
- Ontarians need you to uphold the Constitution, respect the rule of law, and not let one man try to undermine it to concentrate his power and get what he wants.
- Please pass on my message urging Conservatives to vote NO to this bill, to stand up for our constitution and vote NO


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