Urge Mayor Tory: Don't force people into the streets during a winter pandemic

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Mayor John Tory wants to stop a carpenter from building tiny, insulated shelters for homeless people in Toronto — by making it illegal.1

Khaleel Seivwright is selflessly building these tiny homes, without charge — and providing an immediate solution to Toronto’s overcrowded shelters that have left people no option but to sleep in the street or in parks.2

Instead of recognizing Khaleel's contribution to the community, Mayor Tory is spending public money to punish him and criminalize his actions. 

A massive public outcry, while this story is dominating the news, could convince Mayor Tory to drop the injunction and provide immediate shelter alternatives to Toronto's homeless population.

If you think it's wrong for a Mayor to criminalize a good samaritan for building safe shelters for homeless people, sign the petition now.


Dear Mayor Tory and City Councillors,

Don’t criminalize Khaleel Seivwright for providing shelter. Instead, please take immediate action to protect the city’s unhoused population by ending encampment evictions and creating alternative warm, safe housing such as unused hotel rooms.

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