Demand a world-class climate accountability law for Canada

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A groundbreaking piece of new legislation—Bill C-12—could finally help Canada meet all of its climate goals. But there’s one problem: Bill C-12 doesn’t actually hold government legally accountable to targets.1

Add your name to tell the Environment Committee to make the following amendments to Bill C-12 to make it a world-class climate law:
  • Take urgent action based on science and independent expertise: Set the first emissions target for 2025 and ban fossil fuel executives from the advisory panel.
  • Put workers and communities first, no exceptions: Bill C-12 should be aligned with Canada’s commitment to UNDRIP, and set targets for job creation to ensure a just transition for all workers.
  • Create true legal accountability for government: Set clear, unconditional obligations on the Minister of Environment to actually meet targets — not just plan to meet them.
For more info on the demands, check out this briefing note from a coalition of environmental orgs. 

Minister Wilkinson and Environment Committee:

Amend Bill C-12 for strong accountability to make it a world-class climate law.

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With less than a week before the bill goes to committee for review, we have to make sure our demands are heard by Minister Wilkinson and key Liberal MPs before it’s too late. Will you chip in what you can now to supercharge our campaign to make Bill C-12 a world-class climate law?