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Thanks for sending the Prime Minister and Minister Freeland an email. Now you can amplify your voice by calling the ministers and telling them that you support ending the flow of Canadian arms to the Saudi regime.

Let them know that you're outraged over Canadian complicity in Saudi atrocities, and that you're calling to let them know that you support a decision to stop the flow of Canadian arms to the Saudis.

It's more than the killing of Khashoggi - the Saudi record on human rights in Yemen and their own country is reprehensible. We can and must demand better of our trading partners.

The momentum is with us - and a sudden surge of people-power could put us over the top.

Call Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister Freeland telling them you back their decision to stop the flow of Saudi arms.

PLEASE NOTE: You may need to leave a message or be transferred. Please be patient as you work through the system.

You can use these talking points to help drive your message home. Leave a voicemail or ask the staffer to pass on your message!

- I’m calling to voice my support for action to immediately stop all arms exports to Saudi Arabia, including the existing LAV deal.

- The murder of Jamal Khashoggi, and the ongoing violence in Yemen are just the latest reminders that the Saudi regime is a violent and repressive regime that we should not be arming.

- Canada has no business profitting from this.
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