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In just two days, MPPs will be voting for the last time on Doug Ford’s “Total Power Bill” - Bill 31. 

If it passes, it means Ford gets to interfere in the middle of Toronto’s elections, even though the Ontario’s Superior Court deemed this move unconstitutional. In essence, the move puts Ford above the law, which sets a dangerous precedent for our constitutional democracy.

Right now, Leadnow members in Conservative ridings across Ontario are flooding MPP inboxes and phone lines with messages urging them to vote NO to Ford’s bill on Thursday.

You don’t live in a Conservative riding, but your voice still has power. Key ministers in Ford’s cabinet are already facing pressure from fellow Conservatives to stand up for our democracy and vote this dangerous bill down.

The most strategic thing you can do right now is to pile the pressure on these ministers by flooding their inboxes with messages.  But with the vote happening within just 48 hours, there’s no time to waste. Will you send a message to key Ministers in Ford’s cabinet who we think could be convinced to vote NO?

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Ford's trying to override our Charter rights to concentrate his power. Ramp up the pressure on his cabinet ministers to get them to oppose this dangerous move before it's too late.

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