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On Thursday, MPPs will be voting for the last time on Doug Ford’s “Total Power Bill”. If it passes, it means Ford gets to interfere in the middle of Toronto’s elections, even though the Ontario’s Superior Court deemed this move unconstitutional.

We’ve still got a few days before the final vote and our campaign has incredible momentum -- but if we’re going to stop Doug Ford it needs to be huge.  Will you chip in now to help ramp up this campaign?

P.S. Thanks to your donations, we’ve already put your hard-hitting radio ad on the air in key Conservative ridings. Click here to check out the ad.

Please note: According to Ontario law, we are required to report to Elections Ontario the names and addresses of those who contribute more than $100 to our political advertising campaigns in Ontario up to 3 months after election day. Elections Ontario will publish the names and amounts of those who contribute over $100 on its website.

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