Say yes to affordable, secure, renewable power by 2035

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Right now, we have the opportunity to secure 100 percent zero-emissions electricity across Canada by 2035.

If we seize this opportunity, we could:
  1. improve overall energy affordability and create thousands of new jobs
  2. increase energy security and community resilience
  3. modernize our electricity system and join the global shift to renewable electricity
  4. be closer than ever to meeting our climate targets

This is exactly the kind of transformative climate solution we need to meet the scale of the crisis we face. People power can win against the money and influence of the fossil fuel industry.

Sign the petition now calling on Prime Minister Trudeau and Ministers Guilbeault and Wilkinson to: say yes to affordable, secure, renewable power by 2035.


Prime Minister Trudeau, Ministers Wilkinson and Guilbeault

Please pass ambitious Clean Electricity Regulations in Canada that will ensure 100 per cent zero-emissions, affordable, reliable electricity by 2035.

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