Tell the healthcare committee: amend Bill 74 to prohibit new private, for-profit care

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Ford’s Bill 74 -- a massive healthcare system overhaul that would open the door to selling off our public healthcare to private corporations -- has moved into a crucial phase.

This week, MPPs have the opportunity to amend the bill. They could add an amendment to meet our demands, and protect our healthcare system from ever being sold to private, for-profit corporations. But Doug Ford doesn’t want that to happen. That’s why he’s trying to keep public consultations on the bill under lock and key, by making it almost impossible for everyday people like you and me to weigh in. [1]

But we will not be silenced. The amendment committee is required to accept and consider public submissions. If we can flood the committee with thousands of written demands for an amendment that would prohibit the expansion of private, for-profit care, they’ll have to consider them. 

But the deadline for input is 6pm tonight (Tuesday), so we need to act quickly. Will you send a message now, and demand an amendment to prohibit expanding for-profit care? It only takes 30 seconds.

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