Tell your PC MPP: Cross the Floor

***Please don't send a message if you live in an NDP, Liberal or Green riding!*** Rather, share it with someone in a PC riding!

Doug Ford’s control over the Conservative Party is cracking. MPP Amanda Sicard just got so fed up with Ford that she quit the party. [1] 

And it could be just the beginning. Last week, media reported that at least two Conservative MPPs were ready to leave to Ford’s party, and “cross the floor” because they can no longer stand behind his reckless agenda. [2] 

There’s at least one more MPP who’s thinking about jumping ship -- but there could be more. And if one more topples, others could follow. 

Your MPP might be one of those who are currently weighing the pros and cons of staying in the PC Party. A flood of emails from constituents like you could be what tips them over the edge, and convinces them to leave the party. 

But Doug Ford is going to try everything to stop more MPPs from deserting him, so we need to act fast. Will you send an email to your PC MPP encouraging them to cross the floor now?

P.S. Have you voted for or donated to your MPP or the PC Party? Be sure to add that into the email!
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