Protect our parks - don’t let Kenney privatize nature

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Jason Kenney wants to privatize provincial parks.1

If he’s successful, upwards of 164 parks will be sold off -- and risk becoming profit-making ventures for private corporations instead of a way to preserve our natural heritage that everyone can access.

Kenney buried the plan in his budget he just released last week, hoping no-one would notice.

With the plan still in an exploratory phase and nothing set in stone -- a massive public outcry calling out Kenney's plan for what it is, could throw him off track and force him to kill the idea.

Will you sign the petition calling on the UCP government to stop the fire-sale of Alberta’s provincial parks?

To Environment Minister Jason Nixon and Premier Kenney

Don’t privatize our public parks.

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Together we can protect our provincial parks from Kenney's privatization plans