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The Liberals are tabling the federal budget in just nine days — and if we act fast we can make this budget a huge turning point for our climate and our economy. 

Right now, Canada gives big oil $3.3 billion in handouts every single year. To put that in perspective, that’s enough money to hire over ten thousand new teachers, four thousand new doctors, and still have enough money left over to end the water crisis on First Nations reserves. 12, 3

During the election, the Liberals promised to end fossil fuels subsidies for good — but they haven’t followed through.

Right now, we have an incredible opportunity to push them for change. The Liberals are desperate to repair their image on climate after facing intense backlash for approving pipelines — and a huge petition could convince them to end fossil fuel subsidies in the new budget.

We only have nine days until the Liberals table their budget, so we need to act fast.  Sign the petition now.


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Our campaigns are only as effective as our ability to organize.

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