Enough is enough! An open letter to all political parties in Canada

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A massive bombshell is rocking Canadian politics. Allegations of sexual harassment and abuse are coming out thick and fast. Liberals Conservatives, NDPers, party executives, party leaders, and candidates - at the federal and provincial levels -  it's everywhere. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5 

It’s a plague on all their houses, and we need action, now.

Parties have had endless chances to address sexual harassment in their workplaces and to do their due diligence to protect women. Now it looks like they've failed terribly, and may have even allowed abusers to rise to the very top.

We can’t trust political parties - any of them - to take care of it now, behind closed doors. They need to prove that they’re going to clean up their house. 

Will you sign this open letter to all political parties calling on them to commit to a comprehensive, independent review of sexual harassment within their party? 

To every political party in Canada:

Enough is enough. 

After accusations of sexual assault and harassment ha been cropping up from political parties of all levels and stripes, we're calling on you to commit to an independent review as a first step to getting your house in order.

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