Send a message to Premier Ford & Health Minister Jones: Invest in public health care

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The health care crisis continues to escalate in Ontario.

The Ford government insists they are addressing the crisis. But Ontario continues to have the lowest health care funding per capita, the lowest hospital funding, fewest hospital beds and fewest nurses in the country.3 Frontline workers, health care unions and opposition parties are demanding health care be at the center of the conversation at Queen's Park.4,5 

Will you send a message to Health Minister Jones and Premier Ford demanding they take immediate action to invest in our health care system?

Personalized messages can have a bigger impact!

Here are some talking points to include:
  • Personal stories — if the staffing shortages and collapsing healthcare system has affected you or a loved one — your story could go a long way.
  • Urge them to address the crisis immediately
  • Detail the solutions health care workers + experts have offered:
    • Increase spending for the public system; Stop selling off public services to for-profit companies; Legislate 10 permanent sick days; Repeal Bill 124; Ensure Universal access for everyone living in Ontario; take immediate action to increase staffing
  • A strong, well-funded public health care system is a pillar of a democratic society

Premier Ford and Minister Jones

Invest in public health care

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