Tell Trudeau: Reject Ford's bogus climate plan

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Rumours are flying that Trudeau could rubber-stamp Doug Ford’s bogus climate plan any day now. [1]
Ford’s climate plan is reckless and dangerous. It’s full of weak rules that, according to the auditor general, aren’t based on “sound evidence”, and includes giant loopholes for the biggest polluters. It could actually increase emissions. [2]

Trudeau’s Liberals ran on a platform promising bold and ambitious climate solutions — and time and again have slammed Ford for his “short-sighted” and “irresponsible” plan. [3] If Trudeau thinks Ontario will let him get away with green-lighting Ford’s dangerous plan in the middle of a climate emergency — he’s got another thing coming.

Will you sign the petition calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to stay strong and not give in to Ford’s dangerous climate plan? With the decision happening any day now, we have to act fast.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

Ford’s climate plan is full of weak rules that aren’t based on “sound evidence” and will fall well short of Ontario’s 2030 greenhouse gas reduction targets. Reject Ford's bogus climate plan.

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