Premier Horgan: refuse to sign permits for Kinder Morgan!

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Kinder Morgan plans to start construction of their dangerous tar sands pipeline and tanker project this September -- but if we act fast we can stop them.

The new BC government has promised to “use every tool available” to stop the pipeline, and if they refuse to grant provincial permits required for construction it could derail Kinder Morgan’s plans.

But hundreds of oil industry lobbyists will be knocking at the new government’s door - and with Justin Trudeau and Alberta’s Premier Rachel Notley trying to push this pipeline through, Premier Horgan will face massive pressure to soften his stance against the pipeline.

A petition with thousands of signatures could show the new government they have the support they need to stand up to pro-pipeline forces, and take strong action to stop Kinder Morgan. Will you add your name?

Experts confirm that Premier John Horgan’s new government has the legal authority to refuse to sign provincial permits -- and even suspend permits issued by Christy Clark’s government -- until additional conditions are met. [3]

To make good on their commitment to uphold Indigenous rights, the new government should require the free, prior and informed consent of all First Nations impacted by the pipeline and tanker project before they even consider signing provincial permits.

Kinder Morgan could be applying for provincial permits right now, so we need to act fast. Will you sign the petition calling on the new government to refuse to sign any provincial permits for Kinder Morgan without the consent of all impacted First Nations?

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Dear Premier Horgan and the new BC government:

I support your commitment to stopping the Kinder Morgan pipeline and tanker project. I urge you to suspend any provincial permits for Kinder Morgan issued by the previous government, and refuse to sign any additional permits without the consent of all impacted First Nations.

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