Tell Meta reverse their ban on Canadian News outlets during wildfires

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Wildfires are devastating the Northwest Territories and BC, forcing tens of thousands of people and vulnerable communities to evacuate their homes. Meta’s decision to block access to reliable news sources during this time is nothing short of life threatening.

Meta, the American multinational tech conglomerate that runs Facebook and Instagram, began banning users from sharing and accessing posts from Canadian news outlets on Meta platforms. Because of Meta’s ban, people in emergency situations across the country – who would usually use these platforms to access news – have in some cases been forced to rely on rumours and hearsay in community posts to track proximity of forest fires to their homes as wildfires rage. 1

The news ban from Meta – a multi-billion dollar corporation – is in retaliation to Bill C-18, the “Online News Act”, which requires that platforms pay for local journalism when it is shared on their platforms. Meta’s refusal to pay, and subsequent banning of Canadian news, is now making it even harder for folks in affected communities to share and access life-saving information. 2

A flood of signatures could help build the groundswell of pressure on Meta to go back on this decision and open access to news, at least during emergencies. We can’t let Meta put profit over people’s safety. Sign the petition now calling on Meta to reverse their Canadian news ban.


Canadian communities need access to reliable information in times of emergency. Your banning of Canadian news outlets leaves communities vulnerable to misinformation and confusion. Reverse your ban on Canadian news outlets now.

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