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To the Ontario Medical Association (OMA), 

We the undersigned are calling on you to publicly condemn Doug Ford's healthcare privatization plans. 

Public healthcare is the pride of all Canadians. There is no place for profit in our healthcare system. The quality of care you receive should have nothing to do with the size of your wallet.

But our public healthcare system is in crisis — and this is no accident. Doug Ford has chronically underfunded public healthcare during his time as Premier, choking the life out of local, public hospitals. Now he's ushering in privatization as the solution to the crisis his government helped manufacture.

OMA's mission is to "advocate for the well-being of our members and the health of Ontarians". But Bill 60 will allow more private companies to deliver healthcare services, further entrenching a profit motive into our system. That will harm patients and jeopardize the quality of care they receive.

Medical professionals, nurses' unions, and tens of thousands of people have been calling for solutions to address the healthcare crisis without involving privatization. We urge you to speak out and champion solutions like stopping Bill 60 in its tracks, or immediately increasing and sustaining funding for hospitals.

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