Update: The government’s decision on whether to allow Petronas to build a huge LNG plant in BC has been delayed! This is a small victory on the road to the final one — stopping the project from ever going ahead. The campaign isn’t over, and we’re exploring next steps, so please stay tuned! In the meantime, send PM Trudeau a message expressing your opposition to Petronas’ carbon-bomb project.

Malaysian oil giant Petronas wants to build a huge LNG plant in BC that would pave the way for a fracking industry rivaling the tar sands in scale and emissions. 1

The Petronas LNG project is so big, it would single-handedly increase BC’s carbon emissions by as much as 8.5%. 2 What’s worse is it’s just one of 13 LNG plants proposed for BC.

If built, this industry would produce 75% more emissions than the tar sands and threaten critical wild salmon habitat. 3 4

The Federal Government will make a decision on this project in just two weeks, but there’s still time to stop it. They are taking public comments to get feedback from the community, but the deadline for comments is Friday, March 11. 5

If we can convince them to reject Petronas LNG, it will set a powerful precedent that could stop the entire industry in its tracks.

Petronas has hired powerful lobbyists with deep connections to the Liberals to pressure Government and are pushing back against the Government’s new commitment to fight climate change. 6  7

They are even threatening to pull out their investments if the Government doesn’t approve this project by the end of the month. 8

But the government promised they wouldn’t force projects through without our permission. Already, First Nations, scientists and local communities have spoken out. 9 Now we need all of BC to take a stand.

The Petronas LNG project isn’t just bad for the climate. This project is:

  1. Bad for the economy: Petronas admitted they plan to outsource 40% of construction jobs to foreign temporary workers and create as few as 200-300 long-term jobs. What’s worse, the BC government created huge loopholes that would let Petronas off the hook for millions in taxes and royalties 10  11
  2. Bad for First Nations reconciliation: Members of the Lax Kwa’laams First Nations, on whose territory the plant would be built, voted unanimously to reject a $1.15 billion offer from Petronas. First Nations from the headwaters to the river-mouth of the Skeena river have united in opposition to the project. If the government is serious about its promises to create a new relationship with First Nations, they can’t ignore this opposition 12  13
  3. Bad for wild salmon: Petronas’ plant would be built on sensitive eelgrass beds that provide rare habitat for more than 330 million juvenile salmon. This would threaten the Skeena River’s $100 million wild salmon industry, which forms the backbone of entire First Nations cultures 14  15

It’s not too late to stop this project if we take action now. The public comment period closes on Friday — will you send your message to Minister McKenna now?


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