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Budget 2019 just dropped and universal pharmacare wasn’t included. Instead the government announced plans to develop a national “Canadian Drug Agency” to negotiate drug prices. [1]

Experts are saying that this could be a step towards universal coverage that would make drugs free for all -- but that it doesn’t guarantee it -- and that corporations are going to fight back. [2]

We know that billionaire corporations are investing outrageous amounts of resources into blocking universal pharmacare so they can hoard their profits. [3] And that with this latest announcement creating a potential pathway to pharmacare for all, they won’t be stopping anytime soon.

That’s where you come in.

23,000 people have already signed the petition supporting universal pharmacare, but to drown out the corporate lobby, the Liberals need to be hearing from as many voters as possible on this.

If we can hit 30,000 signatures by Wednesday we’ll bring your voices right to Parliament Hill and hand deliver your petition to Liberal Ministers in Ottawa next week. 

Will you add your name to drown out the corporate lobby and support universal pharmacare? 

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