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Mass data theft. Foreign cyber-interventions in elections. Corporations peering into your personal information to exploit your online habits to advertise to you — and even try to influence your behaviour. It sounds like a sci-fi thriller, but it’s real life. And it’s affecting you.
Last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that one hundred percent of Facebook users have likely had their privacy compromised by “malicious actors”. [1] 
Canada’s privacy laws are so weak and out of date that our Privacy Commissioner is raising the alarm and calling on lawmakers to immediately strengthen them. [2][3]
A huge petition with thousands of names could convince the Canadian government to start taking this issue seriously and snap into action. Will you demand the Minister of Democratic Institutions act immediately to install privacy protection laws before more personal information is compromised?

[1] Washington Post 
[2] Michael Geist
[3] CBC

Dear Minister of Democratic Institutions

Act immediately to update privacy protection laws to protect Canadians and their privacy.

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