Call on your Councillor to Vote YES to Ranked Ballots

Tonight London City Council will vote on whether or not to use ranked ballots in the 2018 municipal election. If it passes, London would become the very first jurisdiction anywhere in Canada to get rid of first-past-the-post.

This is going to be a nail biter. Councillors are split - and on Saturday, a crucial committee vote about whether to recommend ranked ballots ended in a 3-3 tie.

It’s all coming down to a final vote in a special Council meeting on Monday May 1st. Saturday’s tie shows that opinions are divided among councillors, and we could lose this unprecedented opportunity if we don’t act now.

Nothing makes an impact on councillors like hearing from voters in their districts. Can you take just two minutes to give your councillor a call and ask them to vote YES to ranked ballots tonight?

(Haven't sent an email yet? You can also follow up with your councillor by email at

Your call will only take a minute but it will make a huge difference. It's easy

  1. Read the key messages below.
  2. Enter your information to the right, and we’ll connect you directly to the office of your London City Councillor. You might not get someone on the phone, but feel free to leave a voicemail. Make sure to include your name and where you live in the message.

Here’s some information you can include:

  • You're calling as a resident of their ward and you want to ask them to vote YES on May 1 on the proposal to use ranked ballots in the 2018 municipal elections.
  • Ranked ballots are easy to use and will make elections in London more fair.
  • Ranked ballots would also help to reduce negative campaigning and vote splitting - enabling Londoners to vote with their hearts and focus on the issues that they care about. 
  • London could become the first place anywhere in Canada to move beyond the outdated first-past-the-post electoral system. 

You can also get more information about the pros of ranked ballots at
The City of London has also provided resources for voters at

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