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URGENT: The deadline for submitting comments to the government’s Committee studying the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is just hours away. This is a crucial opportunity to voice our collective opposition to the TPP, and we can’t let it pass us by. Send your message now so the government hears loud and clear the public expects them to Reject the TPP!


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is being sold as a ‘free trade deal’ between 12 countries that would help exports, but really, it’s a dangerous, costly, and lopsided deal that increases corporate power at the expense of the things we care about.

The TPP will:

  • Give multinational corporations and super wealthy investors special powers to sue us in private tribunals if our governments make decisions to put our health, economy or environment ahead of their expected profits
  • Increase the cost of medicine by over $600 million/year, making lifesaving medication inaccessible to those who need it most
  • Cost Canadians at least 58,000 jobs, and worsen income inequality, 1 2, 3

Harper negotiated the TPP in secret during his last years in power and was dishonest with the public about what the deal actually meant, because he knew we would find it unacceptable.

The most powerful corporations that stand to benefit from the TPP — from Big Pharma, mining and fracking companies — have been lobbying the government to ram this deal into law — and it looks like it’s working.  Analysts are now saying the Liberals are moving closer and closer to approving the TPP. 4, 5

The new government has promised to make a special effort to listen to the public on whether or not Canada should make TPP law. They have opened up a special email address and they need to hear from you now.

The clock is ticking. In mere hours, this powerful channel to voice our collective opposition to the TPP closes.

One of us speaking out might not make a difference, but if we come together to flood the inbox with Reject the TPP messages, we can build the pressure needed to push back against corporate power and make the TPP too politically toxic too approve.

Please send a quick message, and we’ll make sure it goes to the official consultation address.

To learn more about this dangerous, costly and lopsided deal, visit: http://www.rejecttpp.ca/

Our campaigns are only as effective as our ability to organize.

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