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URGENT: Next Friday, Ford’s consultation on Ontario’s sex-education curriculum closes. The religious far-right is hoping the outcome of these consultations will advance their agenda: to repeal the updated 2015 curriculum that teaches kids about consent, cyberbullying, and gender identity.
The blowback Ford’s already received for threatening to put kids at risk by repealing sex ed has been staggering — and he’s already backed down on removing gender identity from schools altogether. [1]
Ford knows that opposition to repealing sex ed is fierce. But he’s probably banking that our energy has fizzled out over the months and people will forget about the consultation, so he can quickly and quietly repeal and move on
We need to prove it’s as strong as ever.
If we flood his consultation process with calls to keep the 2015 curriculum, we can drown out the religious right and force Ford to pay attention — and listen
Will you help make this the biggest response to a consultation Ontario has ever seen? With only a week before it closes, we have to act fast.

P.S. Are you a parent? Be sure to add that into the email!
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