Send a message to Premier Ford and Minister McNaughton: Paid sick days save lives

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Workplace outbreaks are spreading like wildfire through the province.1 Without paid sick leave, workers are having to make impossible decisions between staying home to save lives and putting food on the table. 

Our friends at 15 and Fairness and Decent Work and Health Network are at Queen's Park welcoming PC MPPs back to the legislature with a massive car caravan and a 30,000+ strong petition calling for paid sick leave. 

We might not all be able to show up at the car caravan, but one thing we can do right now is make sure Premier Ford and Minister McNaughton feel the pressure from every angle.  If we can flood their inboxes with messages in support of paid sick leave, while cars are honking around Queen's Park, we could make our message impossible to ignore. It could help show Ford and McNaughton they need to make paid sick leave a reality.

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