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As fires rage across western Canada and our country reels on the edge of a recession caused by our government’s reckless over-commitment to boom-and-bust fossil fuel industries, a leaked document just revealed that our premiers are preparing to “sign an agreement to fast-track new oil sands pipelines while watering down commitments to fight climate change.” 1 2 3

This secretive pipeline deal would be a disaster for our economy, communities and climate – and we need to act fast because our premiers could sign it tomorrow at a conference in St. John’s.

The good news: we just need to convince one of our premiers to stop the deal, but we need to act now and speak out together with a big, strong voice.

We’ve seen the havoc fossil fuel disasters can create in places like Kalamazoo, Lac Megantic or the Gulf of Mexico.

We’ve seen the growing devastation caused by climate-change-fueled disasters that have hit  communities across the country, and the world.

And, we’ve seen what it’s like to be caught in the boom-and-bust fossil fuel economy that has put our economy at the edge of a recession.

We’ve seen some real leadership from our provinces. So why would our premiers approve a flawed energy strategy designed by Allison Redford, a failed former Alberta premier, at a time when we so badly need climate and energy leadership in Canada? 4

We need your help to push back against powerful fossil fuel companies who want our premiers to sacrifice our best interests for their short-term profit.

We deserve strong leadership to make the transition to a clean energy economy that’s built to last. It won’t be easy, but we can do it if we work together across Canada – and do our part to ensure a safe climate for all generations.

Our campaigns are only as effective as our ability to organize.

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