Stop Stalling and Pass the Reform Act

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Update: June 2, 2015

Thanks to the dedicated action of people across the country, the Senate Rules Committee adopted the Reform Act today without any amendments. 

This means the Reform Act has just one last legislative hurdle to pass before becoming law, so let’s keep up the pressure on our Senators. If they know enough of us are paying attention, they could bump it up on the order paper and make sure it gets addressed before Parliament breaks for the summer.

We’re so close to getting this bill across the finish line and taking a meaningful step toward strengthening our democracy. Contact the senators for your province today.

June 1 – Urgent call to action

Some senators are trying to to kill the Reform Act; a bill that was passed with the support of MPs from all parties. These senators have been running out the clock instead of supporting real reforms that will strengthen our democracy.

With less than a month left in this Parliamentary session, amending even part of the bill will likely kill it, pushing these badly-needed reforms back to square one. Speak out now, and help save the Reform Act from these senators sneaky sabotage.

The Reform Act could be put to a vote that will decide whether it lives or dies tomorrow, so there’s no time to waste. Can you reach out to your senator today?  By entering your province and postal code, we’ll make sure all the senators that represent your province receive your message today.

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