Time to Crackdown on Offshore Tax Avoiders

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The Paradise Papers sent shockwaves across the world — and Canada’s right in the eye of the storm.

The leak revealed that the biggest offenders of tax dodging are corporations who account for two-thirds of the problem in Canada.1 We lose a whopping $15 billion a year in precious revenue to billionaire corporations who stuff their profits into offshore tax havens.2

A when corporations avoid paying their fair share in tax, everyday people are left to foot the bill.

Imagine if governments started collecting this $15 billion in revenue. We could solve the First Nations water crisis and have public childcare and free university tuition across the country.3 

This week the Trudeau government took a small step to start making sure super-rich individuals are paying their fair share.4 But they’ve been silent about the worst offenders — giant corporations.

If we’re going to make sure the Trudeau government doesn’t let billionaire corporations off the hook, we need to turn up the heat now, while the story’s still in the media and being discussed by the Liberal caucus. We can’t let this moment go by without putting public pressure on Trudeau to act.

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Make sure corporate tax avoiders pay their fair share, so everyday people don't get stuck with the bill.

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