News just broke that Kinder Morgan is short on cash, and desperately needs investors to back their Trans Mountain project — a dirty tarsands pipeline that would threaten BC’s coast with oil spills and facilitate a massive increase in climate pollution from the tarsands. [1-3]

They’ve hired TD Bank to broker talks with pension funds and banks, searching for backers to bail out their struggling pipeline plan. [4]

TD invests millions in branding themselves as a friendly and socially responsible bank, and they don’t want their brand associated with environmental destruction.

A massive petition could show TD that supporting the Kinder Morgan pipeline could damage their brand and cost them customers. IThe company won’t do anything that they think will hurt their bottom line, so if we can make this campaign huge, it could work.

TD is meeting investors on behalf of Kinder Morgan right now, so we need to act fast. Will you sign the petition asking TD to dump Kinder Morgan as a client?


[1] Exclusive: Kinder Morgan starts talks with investors for $5.2 billion Canada pipeline project: Sources (Reuters)

[2] The Kinder Morgan Pipeline (Greenpeace).

[3] Kinder Morgan Pipeline: tarsands oil to and from our coast (Raincoast).

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