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A massive coal mining project on Tent Mountain could move ahead as early as next month.1

The Tent Mountain coal project could contaminate the drinking water that thousands of Albertans and animals rely on, seriously degrade our natural biodiversity, and cause irreparable damage to the Rocky Mountains that dot our horizon.2 The Tent Mountain coal project is one of several coal projects being proposed for the Crowsnest pass area.

The Kainai and Siksika Nation have recently submitted requests to the Federal Minister of Environment to have the Tent Mountain Mine designated for a federal impact assessment.3

So here's where you come in. A flood of messages from tens of thousands of us in support of the Kainai and Siksika Nation's demands for a thorough and robust environmental impact assessment could convince the federal Minister of Environment to press pause on the project until an assessment is completed. It could delay the project for months — if not years — and make it a financial risk not worth undertaking.

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