Tim Hortons: Stop the cruel cuts to workers!

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Billionaire Tim Hortons bosses are slashing workers’ healthcare benefits, stealing their tips, and eliminating paid breaks1 -- and we can’t let them get away with it.

It all started when Ontario’s minimum wage increase kicked in last week. In a fit of revenge, Tim Hortons owners decided to hit their employees with cruel cuts in benefits to protect their profits.2

Now the story is blowing up in the media, and if we can show Tim Hortons just how angry their customers are, it could convince them to reverse their cruel cuts.

Will you sign the petition calling on Tim Hortons owners to stop attacking their workers? If enough of us come together to flood it with signatures, it's sure to have a real impact — and with more cuts coming, we have to act now.3

To: Tim Hortons owners

We're calling on you to stop attacking your workers with cruel cuts to their perks and benefits because they finally secured a livable wage. Other small businesses are embracing the wage increase without harmful claw-backs. You should be too.

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The more people who sign this petition, the more likely it is that Tim Hortons bosses stop their cruel cuts.

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