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Polls have closed in the U.S. but a peaceful transfer of power hangs in the balance.1 It’s an anti-democratic powder keg, threatening violence in the United States — and chaos globally. 

From climate action to racial justice, the stakes could not be higher for this election. And whether we like it or not, what happens now will shape politics in Canada for the next 4 years and beyond.2 

Political leaders — in Canada and around the world — must call on the U.S. to respect democracy so we can prevent an American crisis with global consequences.  

As our closest neighbour, what happens in the United States uniquely impacts Canada. And as responsible global citizens, we need to show Prime Minister Trudeau that people across the country expect him to take a loud and public stand to ensure the U.S. delivers democracy by counting every vote. 

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Prime Minister Trudeau:

We call on you to refuse to recognize the winner of the US presidential election until all the votes have been properly counted. Democracy hangs in the balance. Do everything in your government’s power to ensure that the wishes of US voters are respected.

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